The single biggest factor in vehicle safety isn’t the latest technology, air bags, electronics or driver skill - it’s the driver’s vision.

  • Vision provides motorists more than 90 percent of the information used to drive
  • Reduced visibility is a factor in 42 percent of all vehicle crashes
  • Changing your wiper blades is an easy and affordable way to improve your vision and vehicle safety
  • Wiper blade replacement is affordable and DuPont™ Advanced Wiper Blades provide great value

DuPont™ Wiper Blades help you outsmart Mother Nature's toughest elements.

The ability to see clearly when driving is a fundamental aspect of vehicle safety. And these blades give you the clear vision you need where a split second can make a difference. Make DuPont™ Wiper Blades your choice to wipe away the toughest weather.

DuPont™ Pro-Fusion Color™

DuPont™ Pro-Fusion products are safe for use on all vehicles to keep them looking shiny and new. The DuPont™ Pro-Fusion Color™ Scratch Repair Stick is an instant finish fixer that fills in scratches in the clear coat finish and DuPont™ Pro-Fusion Color™ Car Polish is an advanced formulation that fills in light scratches and swirl marks in your vehicle's finish. Select the product that will work best for your needed application.

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